Jeremy Saliba

Co-Creator, Art Director

Jeremy is a lover of all things nerdy, and has used that passion to continue creating artwork despite the pleading from family and friends to stop. He has done artwork for various comic publications, has become a licensed Wheel of Time artist, and sells art prints online.  He also inflicts his twisted and self absorbed point of view on his students at the Academy of Art.  He’s a movie fanatic, a book worm and a beer enthusiast.  His imaginary friend when he was little was Princess Leia, and he will never say no if you ask him to help you move.  He also hates talking in the third person.

Brian Schirmer

Co-Creator, Writer

Brian has written comics and screenplays for most of his adult life, following aborted attempts as a teenager to write Indiana Jones and Star Trek novels. His first attempt at screenwriting was a handwritten adaptation of Marvel’s first Micronauts comic series circa 1980. It’s in a box somewhere. He is the author of the comic anthology Worlds Apart and the original graphic novel White Tower, due from Committed Comics in 2013. He has written, produced, and directed two feature films – Fools of the Game and Medium Gray – the latter of which screened in Park City during the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. No, it wasn’t in the festival. Nevertheless, pretty cool. He continues to write and teach Writing for Comics in San Francisco, CA.

Jonathan Aguillon

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Jon is currently an Illustration major at the Academy of Art University. Once out, he is hoping to find work in the illustration field, ideally in concept art or comics. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he loves Art, Movies, Gaming, and Aikido. Jon is obsessed with Dogs and Cereal, with the occasional break to watch terrible B-movies.

Edward Edgerson, Jr.

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Valerio Fabbretti

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Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Valerio is currently studying Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He has been reading comic books since his early childhood and his main influences come from the works of Jean Giraud and Spaghetti Western movies. After graduation he would like to work as a comic book artist and narrative illustrator.

John Gomes

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John Gomes is a San Francisco based artist, currently working toward his BFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University. With a focus on Narrative Illustration, John plans to go into the Editorial and Book Illustration market, while producing his own graphic novels and children’s books in his spare time.

Matt Harding

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Richard Healy

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Richard is an Australian born artist, currently studying his BFA in illustration in San Francisco. With a focus on narrative illustration and conceptual design, he aims to work within the entertainment industry when he graduates.

Malcolm Johnson

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Malcolm’s influences draw from artist such as Rufus Dayglo, Jamie Hewelett, Rafael Grampa, and Eric Powell. His strong sense of design comes from his years working with Adobe Illustrator and combining it with the pen and ink style of comics and cartoons. While constantly collaborating among his peers in various projects, Malcolm is working to establish his name in the world of digital comics either for web or for tablet devices.

Greg Mack

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Dylan Palmer

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Dylan Palmer is from Antioch, California and now lives and attends school in San Francisco. As long as he can remember he has loved to make things, be it stories, worlds, pictures or objects. He began attending the Academy of Art University in 2009 working toward a degree in Illustration. Post graduation he hopes to find a job in a game studio creating production art while also working in traditional illustration and painting outside of that.

Niko Pope

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Garrett Richert

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Erik Solem

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Erik Solem is an award winning illustrator living and studying in San Francisco. More than anything else he enjoys telling stories with pictures.

Qingyang “Apple” Zhang

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Traveling all the way from China, concept and comic book artist Qingyang Zhang is dedicated to creating a unique style of illustration. Due to her individuality of growing through adventures, she decided to study abroad in San Francisco after graduated from high school, to absorb western values and aesthetics. Her artistic strength is to emphasize personalities with a realistic style. In her artworks she always puts effort in exaggerating character’s emotion so that it could cause resonance for the audience. As for enjoying working on dramatic perspectives and compositions, she’s taken challenge of comic book art in the Academy at the same time. As a boundless roamer of creativity, Qingyang pours all of her inspiration in representing fantastical human art.