Despite the fact that we launched the Kickstarter for Ultrasylvania, Vol. 3 on Monday morning, I only just now find the time to say so herein.  I’ve been living and breathing this crowd-funding business since the weekend.  Anyone who thinks you just put a bunch of stuff up on the site and press a button and you’re all done….  That person is a jackass.  That person will also fail at Kickstarter.

We’re not failing at Kickstarter.  In less than three days – less than 60 hours, in fact – we’ve received $6,300 in pledges.  That’s a whopping 84% of our $7,500 goal.  Mind-boggling.  Humbling.  But, it’s not the sort of thing that inspires resting on one’s laurels.  I’ve heard plenty of people say, “You have it in the bag!” – what with nearly 30 days remaining in our campaign.  Will we hit our goal?  It’s highly likely.  Nevertheless, it instills the kind of fear in me that politician gets on election night.  You know, the guy everyone is certain will win – and therefore no one bothers to vote.

Well, I want people to vote.  And I want them to vote now.  Not because I simply want to have reached our goal and be done with it, though that is not entirely untrue.  I want them to vote now – to pledge now – because that builds momentum.  Many Kickstarter projects succeed based upon perceptions.  If I discover a project, see that it’s doing well (but don’t back it), and then come back and see it doing even better – I’m more inclined to think that they’re onto something.  However, imagine the same scenario, only I return later only to find the project has stagnated.  No one likes stagnation.  Stagnant things are smelly.  Don’t believe me?  Leave a glass of water out for a month.  Or some milk.  Have fun with that.

Funny thing – this is absolutely not what I sat down to write.  I actually cut a bit out.  But, I’m leaving the rest.  Cuz it’s honest.  And we can’t really get enough of that.  I was going to just say, “Hey!  We’re Kickstarting this book!  Check it out!  Tell your friends!  Share the link!

And I just did.

So, please….  If you’re thinking about voting for us, think of that really awesome candidate on election night.  And don’t let the other guy win.

Thanks for reading.