I remember Jonathan’s reaction after he read the script for this scene.  “What the hell is that thing??”  I believe he added that it creeped him out.  I have to tell you – having someone have that reaction to the script was rather phenomenal and one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received.  Thanks, Jonathan.

When I decided to include the Invisible Man in our tale, I knew I was taking on quite a bit.  The character’s been done to death, and Moore and O’Neill had already reinvented the character in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series.  I liked the idea that he’d be an assassin for hire.  I think the initial idea was that he was a 19th century James Bond who had taken an experimental serum.  In other words, he was already the best in the business – and now he was invisible to boot.  The notion of him wearing a dead man’s skin in order to blend in….  I think that came to me as I was writing the scene – and upped the horror.  Sometimes you get lucky.