This is the first time we get a true sense of Victor’s origin. We all agreed that we didn’t want it to look like the 1931 film. It should be bulky, yet somewhat alien. It should be a mix of something that might have been built in the early 19th century with something that could have resulted from this being a very different world after 1799.

I remember thinking that we needed this scene between Victor and Ileana, but I couldn’t think of where to set it. I didn’t want him again calling on her in her bedchamber. I didn’t want them to share another meal. I think I tossed around the notion of him coming across her in the royal garden, but that just felt too arbitrary. At some point, the notion that he might still have the machine, that it might be gathering dust in some dedicated room, popped into my head. Then, knowing that I could set this particular scene in that chamber, it seemed the perfect solution.