Greetings!  Welcome to Page One of our ambitious little webcomic.  We are unleashing this on the world right now in order to coincide with its gallery-style debut at the Academy of Art University’s Spring Show 2012, opening to the public on Wednesday night.  Given my druthers, we’d have a few more days to spruce things up around here, so consider this a “soft” launch.  We’ll kick things up a notch after the weekend.

As for how this project came to be, who’s behind it, and all that rot, I leave you to the menu up above and its fun-filled buttons.  However, allow me to say that I’m extremely proud of the work on display here from student – yes, student – artists.  These guys are amazing!  And most are half my age – which means we’re getting in on the ground floor with them.  I also must give a shout out to Mr. Jeremy Saliba – my good friend, and the project’s co-creator/art director.  He led the team.  This work wouldn’t exist without him.  Okay.  Enough of the high fives for now….

What’s going on up there?  Who’s that guy?  1799?  Egypt?  WTF?  Well, yes, that’s where our story begins – though it won’t be staying there.  Just keep this first page in mind.  We’ll get back to this.  When?  Well, that would be telling.  Suffice to say, we will fill you up with THREE NEW PAGES each week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  And, if you’re kind, ask nicely, or give us sweets or liquor, then we might just throw you a bonus page now and again.  Enjoy!